Beginner Pole Dancing Shoes


How to pick a beginner pole dancing shoe

When first learning to pole dance there are a few important qualities to look for in a pole dancing shoe.

Ankle Strap

First, you’ll want an ankle strap so you have freedom of movement without having to worry if your shoe will fly off or shift.  Twisted ankles and torpedo shoes are no bueno!

Tacky Top

Second, a shoe with tacky patent leather across the top of the foot (and no extra decorations in that area) will enable you to use that part of the shoe to help you grip the pole for certain moves.  Bonus Tip: Shoes with a clear top are extra sexy to dance in since they show off your pretty pointed toes.

Tall Platform

Finally, although it would seem intuitive to think that the lower platform (5″-6″) would be better for beginners you will actually find that those crazy tall 7″ heels will work best.  A little bit of height just makes you feel nervous but the big shift you get from the extra tall heel seems to change your center of gravity and often helps beginners feel more able to relax into the flying feeling since their body thinks it’s already “in the clouds,” so to speak.  Remember, it’s not the height of the arch that you are looking to increase but rather the height of the platform under your foot.

Surface Area

If you want a little extra stability look for a shoe with a chunky heel (rather than a stiletto).

Beginner pole dancing shoes are available in many places, check out our top picks at Amazon and Yandy.


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